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Essential information for coaches at all levels


Essential information for coaches at all levels


This course is essential for coaches at all levels.

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Risk Management Education for Athletic Trainers

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Approved by the Indiana Department of Education.

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NY Proposed Rules Aim to Protect Youth Football

A pair of bills proposed by the New York City Council aims to protect youth football players from concussions.  One bill would require a doctor or athletic trainer to be present at every practice.  The second bill would create a task force to examine injury rates for all youth sports and determine if grades are […]

Concussions Impacting Football Participation

Has all the attention given to concussions in the media contributed to a decrease in football participation around the country? USA Football, Pop Warner, and The National Federation of State High School Associations all weigh in on the issue. Read More

Study shows higher concussion health care utilization in states with concussion laws

A JAMA Pediatrics study recently aimed to explore the impact of state legislation on healthcare utilization for children with concussion. The study indicates that children with concussion had increased healthcare utilization, which appears to be directly and indirectly related to concussion legislation. The study concludes that concussion legislation has had a “seemingly positive effect on […]

International Concussion Symposium Now Available Online

Athletic Trainers can receive up to 6.5 CEUs The International Concussion Organization’s 1st Annual Concussion Symposium, held at the Best Buy Theater, Times Square, New York on July 17, 2014, included scientific presentations, round table discussions, real-world applications, cutting edge technologies, and interactive audience events. Leaders in business and medicine, top physicians and elite current and ex-professional […]

Simon’s Fund Founder Finalist for L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth

After losing her son, Simon, to an undetected heart condition just 13 weeks after his birth, Phyllis Sudman founded Simon’s Fund to help raise awareness about the warning signs and conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death in children. At the urging of Simon’s pediatrician, Phyllis got her heart checked and learned that […]

Athletic Trainers Provide High Return on Investment in Today’s Workplace

With the ever increasing demand on output and return on investment in today’s workplace, employees in the occupational setting remain at risk of acute and overuse, on-the-job injuries. An National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) survey of companies that kept return on investment data reported a 100 percent positive ROI on having an athletic trainer on-site: more […]

Do Athletes Receive Enough Education on Concussions?

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports in a recent study published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, suggests that dozens of institutions may not be in compliance with the concussion policy set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Nearly a quarter of respondents to a new survey of NCAA colleges said their institutions […]

“Breathalysers”; The Future of Concussion Diagnosis?

In a recent story by BBC News a sports concussion ‘breathalyser’ was proposed to aid in the “return to play decision” after a head injury by researchers Prof. Belli and his colleague Dr. Michael Grey who presented their work at the British Science Festival in Birmingham. Among new proposals is a breath test, which successfully detects key […]